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Business-to-Business (B2B) Reseller, TuxedoResale.com

This completely redesigned and entirely custom-coded site is highly effective at getting the user to the product. It is highly searchable, very search engine friendly (page 1 on Google for appropriate B2B and product search terms) and is maintained via an extensive custom content management system (CMS).


UI/UX Redesign

The site was redesigned to be more inviting, make the inventory more accessible and to graphically prompt users to explore it in convenient ways.

As the name implies, Tuxedo Resale resells formalwear. Their clients frequently want to see products by Style, Brand and Color, as well as dive right into the Accessories. Easy access points are provided.

View the live site.

Tuxedo Resale site User Interface - main page

Prior User Interface

The original site user interface. Changing the logo was not an option.

Tuxedo Resale - prior user interface

Newest Inventory Up Front

With an ever-changing inventory, making the latest additions immediately available was key.

Tuxedo Resale - newest inventory up front

Search and Advanced Search

A quick keyword search tool is available on every site page.

On every search results page, an advanced search option is offered.

Using the advanced site search, a visitor may refine their search in many ways.

Tuxedo Resale - search and advanced search

International Clients Welcome

Two request forms in one accomodate both national and international mailing addresses.

Tuxedo Resale - international clients welcome

Catalog Sections

For users preferring the 'top down' method, the product catalog presents easy to understand content divisions.

Selecting any product category takes the user to that category, and provides further options for refinement.

Tuxedo Resale - catalog sections

View Options

The user may view any displayed product in detail with one click.

The user may also view all of the products in the selected category by Color, Style and Brand, as applicable.

Tuxedo Resale - catalog view options

Product Detail

The detail view of any product gives all available information about that product.

Tuxedo Resale - product detail page


Site content is easily and quickly edited via its content management system.

From this interface one may:

  • update on-page text
  • edit existing inventory text & photos
  • add new inventory items
  • add/edit brands, product categories, colors & styles
Tuxedo Resale - cms text edit

CMS - add a new item

Adding new inventory item text, assigning attributes and uploading multiple photos is centralized and easy.

Tuxedo Resale - CMS new product upload

Home Improvement, ClosetFactory.com

This project spanned UI/UX design, SEO, SEM / PPC and online signup Conversion Optimization. Users were not converting at reasonable percentages for the level of site traffic, and those that did were uninformed about the product and 'unsold' during the sales calls. Page conversion went from .45% to 8%+.


UI/UX dedesign

The site design was revamped to be more engaging, informative, and promote the range of products available.

Closet Factory - new user interface and user experience design

Prior UI design

The prior user interface appears to the left. The sallow color and tight spatial arrangement exclude the viewer while leaving the site's primary goal of generating appointment leads as an afterthought.

Closet Factory - prior user interface

Initial band-aids

To quickly bolster the bottom line, the existing user interface was improved while reasearch into the best solution was made.

With an abbreviated signup form prominently added to each page of the site, lead generation immediately increased.

Monthly specials were also eventually introduced, further adding to conversions.

Closet Factory - prior UI with short term fixes

Becoming the expert

It was necessary to do a better job of informing the consumer.

This redesigned page and its animation took the consumer from start to finish, outlining available options and managing expectations.

It became regularly used in the field by the sales staff, as both reference and 'leave behind'.

Closet factory - becoming the expert


Clear product divisions helped inform the consumer, encouraging her/him to explore and pre-sell and self-qualify themselves to a degree.

This page depicts the base series, using interactive mouseovers to identify different components in use.

The text below explains these components in clear, no-nonsense keyword-rich verbiage.

Closet Factory - self-qualifying customers


With the next level product line a more expansive and more visually rich presenatation was created.

This page is full of more beautiful language and is much more interactive (pictures, animation).

Closet Factory - upselling

Predefined Looks

The last step up is a series of predefined looks. The consumer most able to pick and choose starts with a look and the sales designer rounds out the solution by advising on their specific needs.

Each collection has its own immersive gallery, offering an in-depth look.

Closet Factory - predefined looks

Supporting existing products

Creating dedicated pages to attract appropriate consumers via search engines and online marketing was the next step.

This home office page pre-sells the consumer through inviting imagery, structured but accessable layout and authoritative text.

Closet Factory - supporting existing products

Introducing new products

Supporting explorative efforts into new niches, fleshed out in line with the newer product pages.

Closet Factory - introducing new products

No lost opportunities

When an old link is followed or an address is mistyped, there is still an opportunity to be had.

This error page directs consumers to the most popular pages while offering a significant signup incentive.

Closet Factory - no lost opportunities

Many other pages were created for this site, the above are simply a sample.

Historical Martial Arts School, StMartinsAcademy.com

The project goal was to migrate the client to a professional web presence. The solution accommodates public and private content, and provides maximum edit-ability. It is highly searchable, boasts an extensive custom-built CMS, calendar events that auto-expire and a private discussion community.


UI/UX Redesign

The new site architecture, design and user experience promote matching the user with the desired content while making a professional impression.

The historic flavor is maintained in a contemporary design that draws the reader's eye to the content.

View the newly completed live site. The client is in the process of adding content.

St Martin's Academy - new user interface and user experience design

Prior User Interface

The original site user interface.

St Martin's Academy - prior ui design

On-Site Search Results

The site search function automatically divides any results by type, allowing the user to quickly see what is available and choose the preferred result.

St Martin's Academy - on-site search results

Member Content

Accessible from each page of the site, content for the organization's membership and interaction with other members are both readily available.

St Martin's Academy - member content

Media Galleries

Video and Picture galleries are automatically displayed both in aggregate on the Media page, and divided by gallery type on their own respective pages.

Each presentation is dynamic with multiple playback options and full-screen presentation capability.

Each media item has its own search-friendly text description.

St Martin's Academy - media galleries

Event Calendar

A dynamic event calendar presents two types of events, both aggregated and by type.

It also provides easy and direct contact with the coordinator of any listed event.

St Martin's Academy - event calendar with auto-expiring features

Event Calendar - CMS

Updating an event in the Content Management System (CMS) is simple and stratightforward.

Adding a new event is equally easy.

St Martin's Academy - event calendar - CMS

On-Page Text - CMS

Updating the text on any site page is fast and easy. All options are centralized, familiar formatting choices are available, and graphics/photos may be uploaded and placed anywhere in the text in one action.

One can even paste in the page content from Word without losing the formatting.

St Martin's Academy - on-page text: CMS

Documents and Privacy - CMS

Document management is divided between public and private to avoid mistakes.

Editing, deleting and adding new documents are all easy processes. They are automatically displayed on the site by most recent date and include descriptions and download links.

Managing private document users is equally uncomplicated.

St Martin's Academy - documents and privacy: CMS

Media Management - CMS

Managing site media is centralized and highly automated. Simply choose the media type (Picture or Video) and add the specifics. The appropriate page and gallery are automatically updated to inlcude the new content. Creating new galleries requires one additional step.

St Martin's Academy - media management: CMS

The client is in the process of adding their content to the newly completed site, which can be viewed here.