“learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change”

Process as solution

With the ever-evolving Web, many 'solutions' and 'one true way' approaches have come and gone. Stepping back from the 'how' of the moment one sees that core needs haven't really changed: businesses need to reach consumers in a clear, positive & cost-effective way.

The average consumer is more savvy than ever, increasingly using the Internet to research products, services and the companies that provide them. Rightly so, this research is influencing consumer decisions.

Utilizing a repeatable and verifiable process removes ego and buzzwords, allowing for a straight-forward analytic approach bent on improvement.

3-step Process

Measurement: An accurate analysis of the current efforts and situation is needed. Once the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats have been assessed (SWOT analysis), the data for a strategy is available.

This includes a competitive analysis of top market competitors, discerning their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Strategy: With the analysis complete, a structured attack plan can be developed in collaboration with business stakeholders. Efforts are devised in alignment with business goals, and layed out in a timeline with clear deliverables at each step.

In some cases only one step is required. In other cases the strategy is more involved. This is driven by the analysis results and the business goals.

Action: With the plan in place, action may be taken. To leverage actions to their fullest, each is made in keeping with modern standards and best-practices. This ensures maximum longevity and return on investment.


New features are continually measured to ensure maximum consumer
satisfaction. This is accomplished with industry-standard third-party tools, with meaningful data clearly provided to stakeholders. Period.

Client Reviews

“Gary is a results driven web development professional with extensive experience and knowledge across a wide array of web technologies. Gary's expertise and work ethic combined with his excellent communication and customer service skills make him a strong addition to any team.”

Bill Nance, National Director of I.T., Forefront Education

“Gary is exceptional to work with. He probes and listens and then works with you to craft an extraordinary electronic footprint.”

Tom Porter, Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.

“Gary designed and created our new website, and we now have 3 times the web traffic we did before. We come up at the number 1 spot on Google search, and our customers spend more time, and look further into our site than ever before. I'll only use Gary for my web based needs.”

Gage Walker, Owner, Tuxedo Resale Inc.