SEM?PPC: Online marketing setup, budgets trimmed, performers optimized.

Ad Spend Down, ROI Up

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can target consumers by interest, location and activity in easily measurable ways. Changes to marketing efforts take effect quickly and can be both tracked and tested like no other marketing medium.

Think Know

Tracking and testing SEM efforts is vital to success. An analysis of current efforts is made, which is compared against company goals and market position. An optimized strategy is developed and strides to reach the goal are made.

SEM is increasingly becoming an umbrella term for internet marketing. One of the most common types of internet marketing is the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign.

PPC marketing campaigns show an ad multiple times, based on a quality match between a web searcher's query and the campaign. The advertiser is charged only when the ad is clicked on by the potential customer.

Campaign advertising costs are often discussed in terms of Cost Per Click (CPC) and Click Through Rate (CTR). The former is the cost paid to get a single visitor to click on an ad. The latter is a measurement of how effective the ads within a campaign are at garnering clicks.

Bottom Line

SEM is an effective arm of a comprehensive SEO effort. Addressing only the SEM portion leads to much higher costs over the long term. Another excellent marketing performer is Email Marketing.

UI Design / Redesign

Attractive, easy to use website design

Website Development

Bringing the user-centered design and conversion strategy to launch

Website Analytics

Measure sitewide ROI, gain insight into visitor traffic behavior

Conversion Optimization

Improving target behavior success


Your site, more easily found by more relevant searchers


Online marketing setup, budgets trimmed, performers optimized

Email Marketing

Convert customers to repeat customers

Maintenance / Updates

Support existing websites, make updates and improvements